Tigarus Interactive Media is a small independent interactive media production studio in the Yukon Territory of Canada. We provide a wide rage of services; creating rich interactive experiences.

Proudly produced in-house, Tigarus is completely independent and local. From animation to game development, websites, and software whether it's audio or video, we even have our own I.T. department.

Software Development

Code once and publish for all!

Apple, Linux, Windows

Desktop, Mobile, Website

Code once and publish for all. Universal software development allows for cost effective software creation. Our platform is based on HTML5, and bridges the gap between the Web and the software experience. Now software and Web applications are the same. Use our software directly from the Web or download the application.

Application Programming Interface

In-house created application programming interface (API) allows for rapid development with over 250 easy to use functions. Over 300 pages of documentation. Integrates with any existing HTML4 or HTML5 based system instantly. Create feature rich interactive applications in less time than ever before.

2D Game Development

Gamepad and touch support

2D games with gamepad and touch screen support. Puzzle, Arcade, Platform, Visual Novel, Point and Click.

2D Animation

Frame by frame or hybrid cookie cutter animated shorts. Quality cost effective in-house productions at any image resolution with studio quality voice overs. Rotoscoping and video up scaling also available. Convert video to cartoon or add special effects. Up scale standard definition video to high definition or 4K definition.


Vector Graphics Digital Assets Library

We don't buy graphics or cliparts, we make it. Over 1000 digital assets and counting. Drag and drop the creation of amazing layouts and landscapes in minutes. Featuring real Yukon mountians and fireweed.

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